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The Improvise, Adapt, Overcome Rule


Running a business, managing people, handling expenses and solving problems can be hard, but these are the kind of problems every entrepreneur faces daily. No matter who you are and what you do in your life you have definitely found your self in this position even if you are not an entrepreneur.

When either facing an obstacle or aiming for success there are simple steps you must follow, such as thinking, focusing, calculating, planning and repeating this process again and again until your objective is accomplished. In other words you must follow the Improvise, Adapt, Overcome Rule.

The United States Marine Corps use “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome” as an unofficial slogan motivating their troops and guiding them to embrace a dynamic mindset. These three words can become a powerful way of thinking for any person that faces any type of problem, and when put to action can create the framework for success.


Have you ever been in a situation where you had planned everything in the right way, and everything was organised in your mind perfectly but all of a sudden something happened and all your plans had no use anymore? Moments like these the only thing you can and must do is, Improvise. Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Managers and even Individuals should always be ready to improvise and find new ways to treat situations like this. The ability to find the optimal solution as fast as possible and with the available resources given is a valuable skill for any person and can be improved with practice.


Once you have found the solution to the problem you are facing, it is about time to accept the new situation and start taking action. Although it is very important to have the ability to improvise and find the optimal solutions as fast as possible it is also very important to adapt and start operating in the new environment that has been created. The faster you adapt to the new reality the more the possibilities things will start working out and you will start getting back results.

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Finally once you have improvised in order to find a solution, and then adapted to the new reality it is about time you treat manners as if everything is normal. That is the Overcome stage. In this stage you must start acting like you would in the first place before the problem occurred.  Once you manage to do so you have successfully solved your problem and gone back the point where everything is normal and continue from there in order to bring the desired outcome.

Our brain is a powerful tool, but sometimes we must use tricks on it in order to make it function at a higher level and lead it to a certain direction. That is exactly what the Improvise, Adapt, Overcome Rule does to our mind when something unexpected occurs, it sets it on track destined to the goal we have set. So, stay focused on your goals and keep in mind the Improvise, Adapt, Overcome Rule that way you will be able to face and solve any problem that shows up.