The Mortality of Bank Branches

Are traditional branches a thing of the past? Not necessarily, this white paper explains the key ways to ensure your CU is positioned to meet growing member digital demands and streamline your branch service for the future.

Worldwide, there are slightly more than 12 commercial bank branches per 100,000 population. The US has witnessed a 9% reduction in branches in the last 8 years while banks in the European Union have declined from 33 per 100,000 to 22. Digital has added a new level of convenience, making branches the secondary choice among consumers.

So what does that mean for the future of credit union branches?

Download this white paper to understand where commercial banks are headed, and the key to positioning your credit union branches for the future. Including:

  • Historical banking and branch data
  • Location of banking deserts
  • Key insights on the digital age of banking
  • Are big banks opening more branches?
  • How best to position your CU for the future

Don’t delay, start positioning your CU for a successful future now!

w mxte03 - The Mortality of Bank Branches

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