The Top 10 Terms in Side Letters

This guide outlines key side letter terms, highlights some of the challenges in complying with those terms, and assesses the potential operational impact for General Partners (GPs). While these are just a handful of the most important provisions commonly found in side letters, GPs are often dealing with thousands of individual obligations, to multiple Limited Partners (LPs), across multiple funds, all at the same time.

How are you managing your fund obligations?

Download this guide to learn:

  • The current trends in fund documentation negotiation, and how the results affect your business.
  • How the growth of side letter and most-favored-nation provisions is creating an ever-larger administrative burden for GPs.
  • How to save time and money, drive organizational accountability, and strengthen investor trust with a purpose-built software solution that turns complex fund documents into actionable data, providing the ability to organize large amounts of information across funds, assign accountability, and audit compliance.

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