The Travel Managers Benchmarking and Reporting Checklist

Download this checklist to help you evaluate whether your travel management company has the reporting capabilities you need to increase your programme predictability and control.

Find out if your TMC can deliver in areas like:   

  • Travel risk management – can you identify where your travellers should be based on their bookings? 
  • Access to air credit and refund reports – can you track and monitor the status of your unused airline tickets?  
  • Policy and compliance – can you tell if your travel programme is serving the goals of your company? 
  • Benchmarking insights – how does your travel spend compared to your peers?  
  • Managing your carbon footprint – can you stay abreast of the environmental impact of your travel programme? 
  • Rapid-response reporting – can your business respond quickly to changing environments, such as traveller recovery and COVID-19 reporting? 
  • Savings – do your analytics show you where to optimise for savings?  

w egeb22 - The Travel Managers Benchmarking and Reporting Checklist

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