1 1 - Tips for better time management

Tips for better time management

More time within the day is a thing that most people out there want. Everybody thinks that the hours of the day are not enough for them to complete what they wished. But, if you think of how you spend your time during the day, you can start managing it more efficiently and maximize your productivity. Once you have managed to finish all your tasks and chores, you will have more time for yourself, in order to relax and rest your body and mind.

We all have the same 24 hours, so complaining that you don’t have enough time, has to stop. Start by sorting out your daily tasks and getting rid of the ones that just waste your time and start focusing on the important stuff. Not sure where to start and what exactly to do, in order to achieve that? Below you will find tips that will put you on the right track. 

Your routine is your ritual

Everyone’s lifestyle can be slightly altered and not be the same every day, but there are certain things that you love doing on a daily basis. Those actions can help you feel that you are on track and, this way, optimize your daily time management. Start your day with something that makes you feel happy and energized, like completing a workout or having a nice breakfast and your brain will instantly turn into productivity mode. Also, finish your day with a habit that will signal the end of the day, like taking a warm shower or having a nice dinner. 

Organize your hierarchy

Spend some time every night, in order to prioritize your next day’s tasks. Start with the top three important tasks that have to be completed and then, organize the smaller tasks. This will save you much time in the day if at some point you feel overwhelmed and lost with all the things that need your attention. Of course, you want to do as many things as possible, but this practice will leave you behind and, at the end of the day, you will have achieved less than you wanted. 

2 1 - Tips for better time management

Isolate interruptions

Interruptions cost you a lot of time every day, so the best thing to do is to avoid all those things that make your precious time vanish in vain. Find a quiet space to work or spend a bit more money in order to get yourself a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Another good tactic that will help you avoid interruptions is to put your mobile on airplane mode and this way, you will not receive messages, notifications, or calls that can distract you.

Find out your most productive hours

Every person functions in a different way. There are different hours of the day that you feel more productive. Some people prefer focusing on their more daunting tasks in the morning and others do so in the afternoon. Find out which is the case for you and choose that time of the day, that you are more focused and productive, in order to complete the important stuff and leave all the easy and less important things for your off-hours. 

Time is money and with the busy lifestyle that everyone has nowadays, it is crucial to spend it wisely and feel that you have completed everything you could at the end of the day.