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Tips for First-Starting Leaders

Tips for First-Starting Leaders


No one said becoming a Leader is easy, the struggle is real and it is everywhere. Every day new leaders are being thrown into the deep and they have two options, either swim or drown. In most cases leaders have two endings, they either fail which drives them to succeed and become great and very influential leaders or they fail and they are most likely not to ever attempt something like this again and why is that? Because we don’t train leaders the way we should and we don’t treat first-starting leaders the way we should.

How many times have you seen an excellent worker that has deep technical knowledge who provides top performance results promoted into leadership roles. Almost never. That happens because the skills that enable one to become so good at what he does are rarely the same as the ones that will develop a great leader.

Stepping into leadership is one of the most important decisions one has to make in his career, and in the new digital era the skillset required for leadership roles is quite different to what it was years ago. Leaders of tomorrow will have to be able to bring the right culture to a group sculpting their behaviours and shaping the right attitude towards crucial matters helping the business grow internally. But how is that done? And what does it mean to become a leader in this new digital age? Here are a few tips for First-Starting Leaders that could help them “swim” better instead of “drowning”.

The Transition Period

One of the first things a First-Starting Leader should know is that there is a transition period when taking over such a role, but even though most leaders come from managerial roles studies show that there is almost no training from companies when they get promoted. This means that First-Starting Leaders have no support in reality while they should have leadership courses and coaching at least for the first few weeks until they get a hold of things.

Great Conversations = Great Conversions

When leaders interact with their teams effectively a great environment is created were both sides are engaged and ispired. For a fact quality interactions lead to productivity and bigger results both for the core team and it’s management. Invest in building strong relationships and great interactions with your teams and results will follow.

Never-Ending Game

Leadership is never ending game and it has no endpoint, once you’re in you’re in. Becoming a leader is a commitment both to yourself and to your people. When making this important decision there is no turning back and you must constantly keep evolving and developing your self in order to be able to still inspire and engage in a new business reality.

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Leaders Work For Their People

Most people believe that once the have walked in to a leadership position their job is done, and the only thing they get to do now is sit back and relax while they command and others do the work. Although that is what usually happens the truth is that this is wrong. True Leaders work for their people and work in order to help their people grow and develop personally, and not expect their people to take their work off them.

Kindness is not a Weakness

Even if you are a First-Starting Leader or you have been in the game for many years there is one thing you must always remember and that is that Kindness is not a weakness and never will be. Be polite and be kind to the people you interact with no matter what and remember that good generates good.

Listen & Trust

As a Leader your responsibility is to influence and motivate people to do more. They only way to achieve that is by building trust with your team. Trust works both ways, you have to make your people trust you and you have to trust your people. The fastest way to build trust is to listen to what others have to say and advise accordingly.

Leaders Create Leaders

Finally the only time a leader can be considered successful is when he creates another leader. The most prestigious and the most important aspect of a leaders job is to create other leaders and when you achieve that you can be sure that you have been working in the right direction for all this time.

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