marketing trends - Top 3 Marketing "Must Incorporate" Trends for 2019

Top 3 Marketing “Must Incorporate” Trends for 2019

Top 3 Marketing “Must Incorporate” Trends for 2019


Marketing continually evolves, and every year, there are trends more dominant and making a buzz.

What used to operate high for your company ten years ago may not work today. You do not need to radically change the strategy that was proven successful in the previous years.  What you should do is be informed and incorporate in your tactics, some of the latest trends.

Here are 3 of the top trends you should think to incorporate for the current year:

Interactive video content (IVC)

Although video marketing is an ongoing trend for several years, today, we see additional changes in the way video is used. We are moving towards Interactive Videos, in order to increase Consumers’ Engagement.  An interactive video gives the viewer the ability to interact with the video content itself through a variety of tools. Users can click, drag, scroll, hover, gesture and complete other digital actions to interact with the videos’ content, as they would have done with web content.

There are several different functionalities one can build into an interactive video, like:

  • Hotspots: clickable areas within a video; these buttons can take a viewer to a separate web page or reveal content directly within the video, like product pricing
  • 360 views: the ability for a user to drag the screen within a video frame to see in all directions
  • Branches: different paths a user can take to control and customize the content they see
  • Data inputs: form fields through which a user can enter information like their name, age, etc.
  • Quizzes: combining buttons and branching to deliver an assessment and reveal a personalized result at the end of the video

Almost 70% of marketers, who already have incorporate interactive videos in their strategy, say that they have had a positive impact on their businesses.

Thinking of whether or not to incorporate interactive video is right for your brand? Here are the main reasons companies today are adding it to their digital media quiver.

It is hot: the best marketing strategies incorporate media that consumers want to interface with – and right now, that’s interactive video.

It is trackable: Interactive video has enabled much more powerful video metric tracking than just view rates. There are several tools you can use to track these metrics, like the WIREWAX, Rapt, DilogR, or Spotful.

It’s engaging: 87% of consumers use more than one device at a time, according to an Accenture report.   Globally, the smartphone is the most frequent companion device scoring 57% overall. This trend is particularly strong for millennials, with 74% of 14- to17-year-olds using a combination of TV/smartphones during viewing. The interactive video makes viewing active instead of passive, creating a game-like experience that grabs and keeps a user’s attention.

It converts: Interactive videos convert at significantly higher rates than many other types of digital video ads. Interactive videos are converting at a rate of more than 11%.

It’s more memorable and far more delighting.

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According to research, 1.4 billion people interact with chatbots each year.  Plus, 80% of companies are already using or plan to use chatbots by 2020.

Using chatbots has many possible benefits:

  • 24-hours service
  • Prompt response
  • Effortless communication
  • Fast resolving of complaints
  • Great consumer experience
  • Replies to simple as well as to complex questions
  • Helpful and easy to approach
  • Experts response

You can arrange to have a chatbot window automatically pop up once a visitor lands on your website. It will make it much easier for them to reach your customer service team.

Chatbots also help drive conversions. Research saws 20% increase in conversions and a 305% increase in ROI since live chat triple the chances that your customers will finish the purchase process.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology is comparable to GPS, but it’s not quite as complicated.

Companies are leveraging beacon technology to target customers, especially in retail stores. Here’s how it works:

First, companies must create a mobile app and encourage their customers to download it.

Once the app installed on a user’s device, it will track its location. When an app user walks by a beacon in a store, the company knows exactly where the customer is within that store.

It’ll be able to tell when the person is shopping for a specific product. Then, the brand can send the user a promotion via a push notification that’s related to what they’re looking to buy.

It’s an excellent way to enhance the profitability of a small retailer mobile app.

E-commerce businesses can also use this technology, even without a physical store.  If you have an e-commerce platform, you can place beacons in public areas relevant to what your company offers. Then you can send targeted push notifications when app users are in the neighborhood of those beacons.


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What Are the Benefits of Beacon Technology?

Improved offline return with Google Ads:  Connecting the signals of your beacon to your Google Ads account, you can obtain useful insight into your potential customer’s offline activity and may help you track in-store visits.

Out-of-store marketing:  You can personalize your out-of-store marketing, helping you monetize any potential foot traffic.

Advanced data gathering:  You can gather more reliable information on how and where your customers are moving throughout your shop.

Google My Business listing improvement:  It will also help your “Google My Business” listing. Beacon can track popular visiting times for your company improving the accuracy shown in the GMB listing. Through Google’s Local Guides service, you can earn more reviews for your business. Plus, it helps you gather more information on check-in and request users to upload photos of the venue.

Customer Benefits:  Not to forget consumers, beacons help improve the user experience by adding a layer of personalized interaction during the shopping experience.

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