Datavail Retail Cover 1 260x320 - Top 5 Database Challenges in Restaurant Industry

Datavail Restaurant Cover 230x300 - Top 5 Database Challenges in Restaurant Industry Top 5 Database Challenges in Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is experiencing a data surge. New technologies are surfacing, business is moving quicker, and data collection resources are abundant. As a result, detailed information that identifies everything from a customer's favorite menu selection to the exact time of day they buy lunch is flowing into most restaurant businesses like a raging river. Food service industry veterans may find this influx of information daunting, but it is a potential marketing gold mine if it can be efficiently and effectively organized, managed, and analyzed.

This white paper will explore the top five database challenges restaurant chains will face in 2016 and how managed services and remote database management can enable these businesses to harness and make the most of the modern data revolution.

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