Tuning ERP and the Supply Chain for Profitable Growth

Discover the three things that every CFO should know about the organization’s SCM and ERP systems.

The supply chain is, of course, the primary processing mechanism of every manufacturing company. But today, it is a multifaceted, multi-company, multinational structure that makes it the most complex management challenge found in any enterprise. Supply Chain Management (SCM), a critical part of any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, no longer means just making sure that the right materials and resources move to the right place at the right time. It also means ensuring that the sequences of events involved in producing goods and distributing them to customers are tuned optimally. This white paper will discuss how ERP can optimize your supply chain to satisfy customers, minimize costs and maximize profit.

This white paper is written by Ventana Research.

w aaaa6196 - Tuning ERP and the Supply Chain for Profitable Growth

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