1 3 - Ultimate Guide to Data Retention

The explosion of data created, collected and stored by organizations, coupled with stringent  data privacy regulations, has created a data retention problem for many companies. Can you  identify all the different types of data held by your organization? And have you created data  retention policies in place that are compliant with legal requirements and industry guidelines?  Is everyone in your organization currently following these policies throughout the data  lifecycle?

Download The Ultimate Guide to Data Retention to help your organization build and enforce  a best-in-class data retention program across the full lifecycle of your data You'll learn:

  • How to use the concept of 'data lifecycle' to shape data retention policies
  • Why data removal is so important and why it's been a challenge for so many organizations
  • How to build a data retention team and how to enforce data retention policies
  • What to consider when selecting technology partners
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