Understanding and Mitigating Packaging Industry Business Challenges

To gain a better understanding of the challenges facing package printers and converters throughout the packaging industry, Packaging Impressions conducted a survey of its audience and has released a

What are the top business challenges you’re facing as a package printer and how are you working through them?

Packaging Impressions, in conjunction with SGIA, conducted a survey to learn how others in the industry are dealing with business challenges and how they’re overcoming them. The insights uncovered in this report will help shed a light on potential new strategies to meet challenges in production efficiency, sales, staffing and the impact of outside competition head on.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for package printers to increase sales and ROI
  • The main causes of production slowdowns, and if digital printing is a potential solution
  • How to solve staffing issues and attract, recruit and hire new members into the workforce
  • If new entrants in the packaging sectors are presenting a business threat

Whether you’re facing one challenge or many, this report provides clear solutions to help you solve them.

w paca09 - Understanding and Mitigating Packaging Industry Business Challenges

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