1 - What does productivity mean for your everyday routine?

What does productivity mean for your everyday routine?

During the last few decades, a new term has been added to many people’s vocabulary, regarding their quality and quantity of work and this term is productivity. Productivity simply describes the ratio of the hours you spent working to the result you managed to achieve. In this context, there are two different approaches on how you could measure your productivity. The first one is the scientific approach and it provides an answer on how long you should work, in order to be considered productive. But, the hours of work are not the only factor that should be taken into account in this case and there are also other metrics except for working hours.

The second approach is the practical one and it contains all those things and actions that make you feel productive. That is why it is difficult to quantify this approach. In this case, if you think that you perform better in the afternoon because there are fewer distractions affecting you or you have a better mood at that time of the day, these are things that are not taken into consideration in the scientific approach, but, on the other hand, these are actions that make you feel more productive, following the practical approach. Now the question is, do you need to work 8 hours in a row or is it better to work in short intervals? 

What science says

Studies have shown that our concentration levels vary throughout the day. This means that, by definition, there are certain hours in the day that we are less productive. Scientists also found out that people who are working 8 hours in a row with no break, end up making more mistakes than those who take short breaks throughout their working hours. Our brains need some time-off, in order to be more adjustable and productive. This effect is what it’s called “periodicity” and it can highly influence your mood and stress levels at the end of the day or week. 

Embrace your uniqueness

Everyone is different. Some people may perform better by working 4-5 hours without being interrupted and others may prefer breaking down their tasks into smaller pieces and performing them one by one in smaller intervals. All this has to do with the amount of work you have to complete and the way that your brain functions. Whichever is the case for you, a common rule for everyone is that you need to take small regular breaks, in order to give your mind the chance to recharge and stay productive. 

2 - What does productivity mean for your everyday routine?

Avoid distractions to maximize your productivity

Distractions are the most common obstacle you face every day that keeps you behind from being fully concentrated and devoted to your tasks. So, staying away from any kind of distraction is the most important thing you can do, if you want to fully concentrate on your tasks. Try turning off the notifications on your mobile phone, staying away from instant messaging and social media platforms just for a day and you will see how easier it is for you to complete your tasks on time and maximize your productivity.

So, in order to maximize your productivity, identify how your brain performs more efficiently, take regular breaks and avoid any kind of distraction and here is your perfect mix!