24 - What is motivation and where can you find it?

What is motivation and where can you find it?

Motivation is essential for anything you are attempting to achieve in life. It is the driving force behind every achievement and every hour you spend dreaming of your final goal till you reach it. Without it, you are doomed to fail. But does motivation derive just from one source? The answer is no. Anything around you can function as a motivational source, you just have to look for and go after it. Stop putting all your eggs in one basket and relying on just one source, one person, or one reason that motivates you to achieve your personal and business goals. 

You may even be using multiple motivational sources right now and just not having any idea about it. Ways that can help you practice multi-motivation are writing down quotes, emotions, or anything else that keeps you motivated, organizing a list on Facebook with articles that push you to become a better version of yourself, or saving Instagram posts that encourage you to keep going. Choose what is best for you and implement it in your daily routine. But what are the advantages of having multiple motivational sources?

You always have a spare

You may think that since motivation is not something tangible, you cannot run out of it. But this is a wrong perspective. Let’s say that you are trying to improve your relationship and you are using your partner as your main motivational source, but, all of a sudden, you break up. What will happen then? How will you keep on pursuing your dreams since you have no motivation left? That’s why you always need to have one, two, or as many as you want backup reasons that will help recover and keep going.

23 - What is motivation and where can you find it?

Find things that work for you

Every person has different goals and aspirations in life. So, sometimes it is more preferable to find motivational sources that are more specific and targeted towards your goal. Having multiple reasons that keep you motivated, can help you detect the one that is more linked to that particular challenge you are facing at the moment. This way there will be higher chances that you will reach that goal. A person’s goals are divided into two main categories: personal and business. The same source of motivation will not help you equally if implemented in a personal and a business goal. 

No drawbacks

Being too motivated can cause you, literally, no harm. Having too many sources that are fueling you with motivation cannot hold you back from achieving your goals. And, on the other hand, your chances to achieve something do not diminish, because you were motivated by too many things. But, based on everything that has already been discussed, multi-motivation does not guarantee you that you will succeed. What matters the most is how you approach your goals and how you deal with all the available resources. But, if your main problem is staying motivated, shifting your reasons, is the solution for you. 

In order to find motivation, you need to be optimistic and think that you can achieve anything that comes to mind. Everything starts from your mindset and motivation does not differ at all in that.