Why choose DaaS for your mobile workforce?

The ESG research results validate that businesses want a modern and secure desktop, application, and data delivery strategy that reflects the reality of how users work and can keep up with the rapid change of business applications and devices, without amplifying the management and security burden that already weighs heavily on IT shoulders.

The research also exposes that DaaS possesses the unique combination of attributes that appeals to businesses across industries: improved time to value, cost reduction, and enhanced security.

Download the Enterprise Strategy Groups (ESG)'s whitepaper to dive into:

  • The current and planned usage and benefits of DaaS.
  • Challenges associated with managing traditional, full-featured desktop devices.
  • Challenges organizations experienced with respect to their VDI deployments.
  • The comparison of the security of DaaS and cloud desktops with traditional desktop security.
  • The benefits organizations expected to achieve with VDI that haven’t materialized.

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