3 - Work-life vs personal life: How to handle it as an entrepreneur

Work-life vs personal life: How to handle it as an entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, you know how addictive the feelings of excitement and creation can be. The concept of starting from an idea and giving it flesh and bones is what makes entrepreneurs work countless hours a week instead of just working 40 hours for someone else. Taking control of your life is the fuel that provides you all the energy needed to cope with all this work that needs to be done daily. But, what about your personal life and mental health? How can you balance them with all these hours that are spent on working? 

Some people may say that since you chose to be an entrepreneur, you have to put aside your personal life and great effort and time are needed if you want to achieve. Even if you are working for 40 hours a week in a company, chances are that your work does not end after you leave the office and you keep thinking of it also in your free time. So, how can you protect your mental health and balance your lifestyle? Below you will some useful tips that can help you deal with this nerve-racking situation. 

Create a schedule and stick to it

Since you are an entrepreneur and you decide by yourself how much time you need to complete your daily tasks, set your working hours and stick to them. If you know that a task needs half an hour to be completed, give yourself a maximum of 40 minutes to do it. If you don’t organize your schedule, the same task may take you a whole day, if you give it the chance. Moreover, make a to-do list for the tasks that have to be completed during the day, but set a limit and stop working by 5 or 6 pm, unless an emergency comes up. 

Invest in a hobby

If all your time and interests have to do exclusively with work issues, there will be a moment when a breakdown will knock on your door. You need to have at least one hobby that pleases you to spend time on. This will help taking work off your mind for a while and clear your head and thoughts. Surely you don’t want to feel the breakdown exhaustion or fall sick in bed, just because you didn’t give your mind some moments to breathe and have fun.

4 - Work-life vs personal life: How to handle it as an entrepreneur

Morning self-time is vital

You don’t need to spend hours on yourself every morning, just half an hour a day will do the necessary work. If, before falling in bed, the last thing you are doing is checking and replying to your emails, your mind doesn’t take enough rest before falling asleep so give it this time in the morning. Set your phone on flight or do not disturb mode and devote it to a morning ritual that you created for yourself. 

Workspace and home space are two different things

Due to the current situation, most people are working from home. But, try not to work in spaces that are connected in your mind with home relaxation. Avoid working from the sofa or using a laptop or tablet that you usually use for relaxing. Once you’re done, turn the computer off and try to not go back to it till the next morning. 

The concept of creating something from scratch can be really addictive and requires all your energy levels, but if you, firstly, don’t take care of yourself, there will be a time soon that your mental health will collapse and so will your creativity.