1 - Business problems: prevent and handle them before they appear

Business problems: prevent and handle them before they appear

Business problems: prevent and handle them before they appear

Maybe it sounds impossible to predict business issues that may occur in the future and solve them before they become bigger, but there are chances that you can achieve that. Even though nobody can know what will happen in the future, as a company owner, you have the ability to sense imminent dangers that can put you into trouble.

To prevent problems, you can implement changes that scale from small to larger ones. Even the smallest change, that can be a different attitude against certain things, can have a large impact in the long run. Others may need you to invest, but you will see that it’s worth it.

Below you will find some tips that will help you with the a priori resolution process.

Take small regular steps

A very common mistake that many companies make, is that they try to solve problems that are not in fact problems. Try to avoid this and the only way to do so is by research. You have to make thorough research on your current processes, evaluate them and even ask for your customers’ help on that. Ask their opinion about the changes you want to make and if they think that it would benefit them.

Once you have decided on the changes, start with a small sample that you can send to your clients for testing. You may think that your new fragrant can last for up to 12 hours and your clients may be critical and don’t agree with that. In this case, you will have your feedback before you produce a large amount of fragrant and you can still make the appropriate changes.

Ask and Listen to your team

Your employees are your driving force. You have to be close to them and communicate with them regularly. On the other hand, you need to be available for them and listen to what they have to say anytime. With clear communication and trust between you and your team, you can learn about the stuff that happens in your company that you couldn’t learn without them.

If you don’t communicate with all your company’s departments, you may miss valuable information and you won’t learn about a potential problem that can hurt you. Information and data gathering is gold.

Diversity is your company’s power

You may be a person that thinks from different perspectives and when you have to predict and resolve an issue, you examine it from many different angles, but this will always just be your point of view. To prevent possible problems, you have to be surrounded by people with diverse personalities.

People of different ages, fields, and cultures can aid you with the problem resolution process in many more ways than you think. They are in place to see something that you may not have seen and think of possible answers that would never have crossed your mind.

2 - Business problems: prevent and handle them before they appear

Exploit the technological evolution

If your company has a digital presence, you must follow the current technologies and keep your website as safe as possible. The threats and dangers that a website is facing, are growing day by day. If you want to protect it from all that, invest in the latest technology, even though the cost may be high.

Safety is very important because without it, your clients won’t trust you and they will not proceed to any purchases. Don’t react to the problem after it appears, be proactive.

You will never be in place to solve proactively any problem that may arise in the future, but try to solve now those, that you know will bother you later.

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