15 - Creativity Leads the Way in 2020

Creativity Leads the Way in 2020


The new year has brought onboard new challenges, and the start of this decade has already created a feeling of change. The year 2020 has prepared us for massive changes in both our personal and business lives over the next few years. Although nobody likes to change everybody seeks for it, and the most interesting thing about it is that it is inevitable. No matter how much we want to resist the changes coming, one way or another we will have to adapt to them. Once we realize this and stop treating change less as a problem and more as a gift we are on the right track. So how can we adjust to change and how can we stay on top of it? The answer is by using our creativity.

Creativity is an element that is commonly observed among every single human. Every person either he knows it or not can be creative. Creativity is the human soul put into motion. It is what differentiates us, keeps us moving forward, and helps us solve our problems. Using creativity the right way can lead to amazing results in both personal and business matters and the examples are already set. We have all seen over the last few months companies thrive and companies sink. Companies that were leaders in their industry fall to the ground and small companies who were fighting for survival expand. In case you were wondering what the difference between success and failure is today you already have the answer, its creativity. So how about we look more into it and talk about how creativity leads the way in 2020.

Creativity in Business

One of the things that have gone through irreversible changes in this new era is the way we conduct business. The norm seems to be broken and what we previously called “business as usual” is slightly turning to “business unusual”. Everything we knew over the past few years is rapidly changing and the business equation is reshaping. Every constant we had is now turning into a variable, so it is about time we start being creative. Using creativity in business will be a game-changer in the upcoming years and possibly a major success factor. Companies and entrepreneurs who want to survive, maintain, or expand their business should be ready to become creative. So how does creativity work when it comes to essential business procedures and why does it enforce them? Let’s see.

Creativity in Management

Starting from the top, management is the first vital business procedure that is being affected nowadays. From a model where people were being used to “working in the same environment” we have moved to a “work from anywhere” model. Initially, people thought this would create big problems for management when it comes to staying on top of projects & teams. But this is where creativity came in and saved the day. People started searching for ways to treat this problem and the solution was right in front of them. Instead of working in a physical environment, people created the same environment in the digital world using telecommunicating tools. Massive companies like Twitter figured out that they can achieve the same results or even more either way. Therefore they allowed their employees to work from home forever! The final outcome? It Worked! Problem Solved.

14 - Creativity Leads the Way in 2020

Creativity in Marketing

Marketing has always been a procedure that is closely connected to creativity. Although that is true, usually creativity in marketing had to do with creating interesting concepts and high-quality pitches. The new problems that occurred in 2020 forced marketing teams to find new ways to promote their products and services. All physical objects or events were closed down and every single person on this planet was locked down. Although many companies went digital instantly many other companies had massive contracts for offline campaigns they could not take advantage of. Or could they? Creativity leads the way in 2020 once again, and almost every single offline campaign was filmed and promoted online. Companies decided to use their contracts and go through with their campaigns but with spice. Since there was no one to present them to offline they decided to be sarcastic about it online and create hype. Very soon these campaigns that were designed to be promoted offline became viral online and once again creativity solved the problem.

Creativity in Operations

Finally, one of the procedures that were impacted in a great manner from this new reality was business operations. Operations like logistics when it comes to products and operations like live meetings when it comes to services were massively affected. Therefore people started looking for other options and ways to solve this problem both in products and services. New business models where created and the use of technology in a creative way was the key to success. Companies with products like amazon created a “contactless delivery” system in order to deliver their goods. While companies with services turned their procedures digital and even collaborated with their rivals in order to survive. Creativity wins the game once again.

Creativity is a human element and it is there for us in the most difficult times. Some people are considered creative while others are not, but that is not true. Creativity comes with experience and training and the more you use it the better you become. Search for your inner creativity and the results will be rewarding. Stay Safe & Stay Creative.