trust cover - Delivering Trust in the Digital Era

Delivering Trust in the Digital Era


Trust is what makes customers engage and complete transactions with your company and that means that trust is what keeps businesses running. Entering the Digital Era the real challenge for companies is to deliver online the same trust they used to deliver offline. Due to the nature of digital services & products among with the fact that people still don’t trust very much online transactions although they are getting familiar with them more and more day by day, there are a few things a company should do in order to ensure their clients trust and gain a competitive advantage.

Run your Business Smarter

People still tend to trust people more than tablets and mobile devices when it comes to buying a product or a service and that is something that won’t change for many years. Be smart, and create an image for your company that builds the same trust online than the one you build for yourself offline when you meet a client person. Focus your branding on showing your company members and invest in creating a User Interface that constantly reminds your clients that although they are looking at a screen they are still interacting with a human being.

Offer High-Level Security

Invest in Web Security. When people browse an application or a website they already know that their data is being stored. When it comes to completing a transaction they are asked to enter some personal details that are quite sensitive, and if your company has not gained their trust until then they will not enter them and therefore not complete the transaction. By investing in web security and showing the user that browses your company’s website or application that their data are perfectly secure and that they cannot be breached or published ensuring their privacy, you can gain their trust in many levels leading them to actually provide you with the information you need and lead them to complete the transaction.

trust inside - Delivering Trust in the Digital Era

Be Aware of Change & Improve Speed

Another way to gain your clients trust is by keeping up with the times and following up with the trends. Clients subliminally tend to trust brands more when they constantly see their presence online, this is called brand awareness. Keep your social media, your website & your app frequently updated and try using up to date design and wording. This will help clients trust you more because they see a constant presence of your brand which shows constant development and gives your company a competitive advantage in comparison with others that do not focus on that leaving a deserted image.


Volume & Complexity of Information

Although you should keep your digital channels constantly updated make sure you don’t go too far with it. Handle the amount of information you present to your audience and try  to keep it simple. Exposing your audience to a large volume of data and even worse exposing them to complex data can lose your clients trust. The key to presenting your company to your audience effectively is being as simple as you can and “talking only when you have something to say”.

Turn your Customers into Advocates

Finally the best way to gain someones trust is to make them see or listen others talking about your company and how they enjoyed consuming your services or products. Encourage your clients to comment and rate your business and make sure you showcase the positive outcomes they were offered by your company. This will help converting potential buyers to truly loyal customers that trust your brand.