Getting a Head Start in Software Asset Management

This white paper will help IT Professionals save money for their organization with a smart Software Asset Management (SAM) initiative.

As an IT Professional, did you know that organizations typically over-spend on software by 20 percent each year? This equates to $200 wasted for every $1,000 spent on software. The reasons vary from purchasers not realizing the software already exists elsewhere in the organization, unused software isn’t harvested for re-deployment, software is procured outside of volume licensing agreements, the list goes on. Also most organizations are leaving themselves open to fines for failing to ensure correct licensing for software installed across their organization’s network. Discover how SAM can help your organization, and how to kickstart your own initiative, by downloading this free kit, comprising:

  • The 5 key components of a well-planned SAM initiative
  • The 4 ways IT Professionals can expect to save, with a detailed analysis of each!
  • Proven steps to planning and realizing a SAM initiative
  • What you could save by avoiding BSA fines and duplicate licensing fees, via a specially created ROI calculator

Download this white paper kit today and get a free trial version of FrontRange Discovery to see exactly what software is on your network. Simply complete the registration form to get started!

w aaaa519 - Getting a Head Start in Software Asset Management

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