How to Train Employee Advocates

A 7 step guide to activating 100 employee advocates in 30 days.

The numbers are in – your workforce is swiftly becoming a social workforce – whether you’re ready to support it or not. According to research from Weber Shandwick, 50% of employees are sharing about their brand on social media – most without training. But instead of stifling employees on social media, savvy organizations are embracing it and finding ways to engage their employees to advocate for their company online. According to National Business Research Institute, just a 12% increase in employee advocacy can generate a 2X increase in revenue growth.

How can brands get started with training employee advocates?

Download this eBook to learn how:

  • To train employees to share about your brand on social media every day — in just 2 minutes a day
  • To align your social media policy with top business goals
  • Everyone can benefit from employee advocacy
  • To scale training company-wide in 30 days or less

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