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Make Monday Your Best Friend

Make Monday Your Best Friend


One of the most common and important issues entrepreneurs and business owners face is the struggle of maintaining the balance between their life and their work. Work-life balance of the leader of a company or a team manager plays a massive role when it comes to success. Many business owners seem to avoid the fact that sometimes we have to sit back and enjoy ourselves while leaving work behind because that way we minimise the risk of a burnout. Truth be told these types of people and probably you are one of them too work a lot, and when I say a lot I mean a lot and that includes weekends.

Everybody hates Mondays, and especially people that work over the weekend. But what if I told you that you could benefit from Mondays and save your weekends. Sometimes in life and in business the answer to a problem is a matter of perspective and this is exactly what applies in this situation. We can either see Mondays as the start of the week or we can see Mondays as a good start to a good week.

So what is it that we could do in order to save our weekends and still be productive? And how can making Monday your best friend lead to working less but achieving more? Here are a few tips on how to start.

Seize the Opportunity

As we previously said the solution to a problem often lies in our perspective, therefore the best thing someone can do in order to make Monday his best friend for starters is to see it as an opportunity. By considering the start of the week as an opportunity you automatically put yourself into a mindset of trying to achieve more while you also subconsciously working smarter towards doing that.

pp203 02 02 - Make Monday Your Best Friend

Plan Ahead & Save Time

In order to save your weekends and get one step closer to a good work-life balance, the best thing you have to do every Monday morning is plan ahead and you can achieve that by creating a to do list. Try organising all your responsibilities and create a thoroughly detailed list of objectives you must complete in that week. Finally once you have created your to do list it is time to put them in the right order prioritising one over another.

Time & Task Management

Now that you have set your priorities straight and you know all the things you have to do in the upcoming week it is about time you break it down into tasks and set specific timetables for each one of them. Luckily enough there are many productivity and time & task management applications across all platforms that can easily be installed and integrated with your operational system making your life easier.

Set Aside Work Related Matters

When planning your detailed weekly schedule don’t forget to keep in mind that family always comes first. Plan your Family and Social events first and then find the time to fit in your work events. Usually what most people do is the opposite and that is where they lose their balance. Family is very important and so is social life, so once you have a solid plan in your schedule about when to spend time with your loved ones and when to socialize with others then you can add all the work related matters.

Of course there are many businesses that cannot afford to not work on the weekends and of course there are many entrepreneurs and business owners that have to be in touch with their companies most of the time but the true key to success is balance and we must never forget that. Balance begins from the core and the only way to achieve it is if we understand that we have to make room & time in our lives for the things that fill up our soul but not for everything. So start now by making Monday your best friend.

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