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Must-Focus Trends for Business in 2020

Business as we know it is reshaping and the new year is here to prove it. The beginning of 2020 isn’t just the beginning of a new year but it is the start of the decade and among with the new decade new business trends are erupting. We are entering a new sophisticated era highly connected with technology and data analysis that will reform our way of thinking, acting and conducting business. Now is the time to get on board and follow the change that companies and industries will face over the next few years and as long as we resist this new reality the harder it will be for us to catch up with it when it will be necessary. So what is it that companies have to do in order to align with the times in 2020? And what are the trends businesses must focus on in the beginning of this new decade? Let’s see.


The first big trend that will go on a lot in this new decade will be transformation of all sort of types. Companies will be obligated to change their way of thinking and operating and that means that they will have to transform. There are various types of transformations such as cultural, strategical and digital but the most important one and the most common one nowadays is the last one Digital Transformation. Operations from sales and marketing to production and logistics are all becoming digital and it is very important for companies that want to survive and thrive in their industries to adapt. Therefore they should start investing in hiring the right talent that will lead them to the implementation of the best suitable for their needs technologies in order to automate and optimise their operations.


We have now gone past the era where consumers would read long texts in order to understand what our products and services are about and we have moved to the era where visuals are taking over. Try to find new ways to promote your business or your services and products by visualising procedures, operations, benefits etc. Keep in mind that everything is turning digital and that you have limited time to get a message through and even less time in order to draw someones attention. Visualization will play a massive role in the future of your business and the ones that master it will head to success faster than anyone else. Just remember that nice visuals will do the job for now but the message you want to pass through has to have depth if you are looking to get impact in the long term.

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As consumers get smarter more everyday it is time for businesses and entrepreneurs to start operating smarter as well. The best way to do that in the upcoming decade is by enhancing personalisation through out as many operations of your company you can. Marketing has come from generic to segmented and targeted and now it is turning to personalized. We are moving from a period of pervasive approach to a period of permissive approach. This means that customers will have to give companies the permission to interact with them and before that happens companies should start providing taylor made solutions to them in order to gain their trust and keeping in touch with them. Personalised services, operations, customer experiences and marketing are the trend of this decade and it will gain much more fans as times goes by, so try to take advantage of it now.

Mind-blowing Content

Content has been and will always be king. Especially nowadays where consumers get exposed to large amounts of information and data, the only way to stand out in a crowded marketplace is by providing Mind-Blowing Content. Try new techniques and new types of technologies that will create this kind of content such as 3D Images, AR and VR and other new, fresh and eye-catching technologies that will make people curious about your company and will keep them interested in investigating and searching you a little bit more.

The new decade has arrived and with it lots of changes are coming to the world we live in. Use these must-focus trends for business in 2020 and you will get a great advantage in comparison with your competition that will differentiate you and help you move forward faster and better than others.