17 - Principles to Skyrocket your Business

Principles to Skyrocket your Business

Principles to Skyrocket your Business


Surely running a business is not an easy thing to do. Have you ever imagined what it would be like if it was easy though? Follow these tips and principles to skyrocket your business and see how easy it can be for yourself.

Find your Niche

The most important principle to skyrocket your business is to find your niche. In simple words this means to find the segment of the market that you can satisfy more efficiently. Finding a niche you love, you enjoy and you are willing to serve is one thing. Finding the niche that people love and enjoy in your business is another. If you can strike a balance between these two you’ll hit a gold mine. Focus on what you like about your business and what customers like about your business. Find the golden ration between these two and you have your niche. It is very important you know your niche because you can start with a small targeted audience and then expand.

15 - Principles to Skyrocket your Business

Create Authority & Expertise

People tend to follow people who sell themselves as experts. They have the need to feel that their business is in good hands and that their job will be done. Selling yourself as an expert creates authority. Companies and brands that talk about a topic like they own it automatically come out as experts. This builds trust between customers and companies and trust is what leads to conversions. This principle is very important if you are looking to expand your business so keep it in mind. Give it a try in your next business meeting and watch your client sit in the backseat enjoying the ride while you are the driver. 

Scalable Products & Services

The way you select your products and services has a massive impact on the way you conduct business. A basic principle for skyrocketing a business is to organise your way of product and service selection. The secret is to focus on products and services that can be considered scalable. This means focusing on products that can appeal to different cultures and different languages, or services that can appeal to different genders. No matter the product or the service just make sure that it can appeal to many audiences with only a few transformations.

Listen to the Feedback

If there is one thing we have learned over the years it is that information is gold. Data is the new petrol, and many companies buy and sell data today more than ever. The reason why data is the most expensive element on our planet is because you can use it more than just monetarily. You can take advantage of it and create insights that can lead to multiplying your profits. The data that is generated from satisfied or unsatisfied clients, happy or unhappy employees and many more groups of people are valuable assets. It is time you start taking this matter seriously and start listening to feedback. Feedback can help you transform your business and meet your customers needs better so start listening today.

16 - Principles to Skyrocket your Business

Create Repetitive Customers

You might believe that your number one goal as a business is to sell as many products or services as you can. Guess again because you are wrong. Your number one goal shouldn’t be that, but instead it should be to focus on making customers buy from you again and again. Surely bringing in new customers and selling products and services all the time is a great goal for your business. The truth is though that this only works in the short term. When we talk about business strategy we always focus on the long term and we aim to create happy, satisfied customers that buy from us repetitively. Rethink your business model and make this a top priority. Soon enough you will notice the results.

Outsource & Manage

We live in an era of super expertise. There are more experts than ever in every business field out there and every entrepreneur has to make a decision. You either become an expert on one specific field or you manage experts and deliver the final product. Great entrepreneurs stick their nose everywhere they can. They understand that they gain more when they outsource the work but still keep the management rather than becoming experts themselves. Luckily enough today’s technological leaps make our lives easier. We can easily delegate work to our colleagues instantly and remotely manage teams. Take  advantage of that and treat every job like a project manager. 

Diversify The Product Line & Add Channels

Finally the best principle you can follow to skyrocket your business has to do with adapting. Align with the times, follow the trends and keep your eyes and ears open. Find ways to diversify your products and services from your competitors but also from yourself. Although you might offer a best selling product or service you have to find ways to refresh it every once in a while. Rebranding, change of packaging, adding features etc can create a feeling of freshness for customers. It shows them that there is movement and that the brand is constantly active and committed on improving. While you change your products and services the business environment around you changes as well. Therefore you must also focus on adding new channels and finding new ways to promote. So stay on top of your products and services and keep innovating even if you believe there is no need to.


These basic principles are a work-hack for any business that is looking to expand. They are not the ultimate medicine for all of your business’s problems, but they can sure produce important results. After all in business the only thing that works 100% and every single time is trail & error.

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