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The 4 Types of Leaders


Leadership is a topic that has many aspects, some of them are good and some of them are bad. Leading a group of people might be rewarding sometimes but it is definitely not easy most of the times. The reason why this happens is simple, leaders endure more than what their teammates endure all of the time. Taking responsibility when things get hard, and taking the blame when things go wrong are standard for leaders. On the other hand when things go well the credit goes to the entire team and not just the leader. So we pretty much understand by now that being a leader means adding maximum effort for minimum rewards.

Although most people understand that, it still seems like some people have the urge to step in front and lead. That will to separate themselves from the crowd and show them the way when needed. Since you are reading this you are most likely one of them, or even better trying to become one of them. So by now you are probably wondering… am I a leader? And if I am one, what type of leader am i? And what is the best way to lead a team and motivate people in order to get results? Here are the four main types of leaders explained.

Types of Leaders: Supportive Leaders

The first type of leader is the Supportive Leader. What describes this type of leader best is the will he has to give his team members opportunities. Supportive leaders motivate their colleagues and give them space and time to take on new challenges. The main element of this type of leader is trust. These leaders will not heavily criticise you when you fail and will reward you when you succeed. They will stand next to you and give you all they have in order for you to push yourself harder. Just keep in mind that as soft as supportive leaders might sound they are still leaders. Therefore although they will support you, they will also reject your work if it does not meet their expectations. Finally supportive leaders will be willing to help but they will not be the ones to do the work for you.

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Types of Leaders: Teachers

The second type of leader is the Teacher. This type of leader is very important not only for the job to be done but also for the team to grow. They are great influencers and make the team want to listen and learn from them. Teacher Leaders will show you new skills and pass on knowledge to you. One of their best elements though is their ability to help you develop. They show you the way to success and make sure you fall on some “landmines” in order to get your lesson. But most importantly they will teach you what is needed in order for you to be successful. After all the most successful entrepreneurs in the world usually have someone in their life they call a “teacher”.

Types of Leaders: Motivators

What most people lack of in order to grow and develop themselves is usually motivation. Motivators are a great type of leader that come to fill that gap. A motivator will see things others cannot, in a person and push them out of their comfort zone. This helps people grow and do things that they usually wouldn’t, leading them to discover new aspects of their character. These type of leaders are always next to you mentally but their best element is their absence. Motivators show you the way, show you that you have the skills and show you that they trust you. In other words they give you the recipe, and the ingredients and they expect you to cook dinner by yourself.

Types of Leaders: Role Models

It is very important for people to have other people they can look up to. That is what we call Role Models. Another type of leader is the Role Model Type. These leaders are usually more experienced than the rest of their team and they have achieved more in their career. This automatically places them in a position where the rest of the team admires them. This admiration leads others to subconsciously copy their moves and imitate their attitudes until they turn them into their own.The best element of these leaders is that they motivate people mostly with their energy. This means that people are practically self motivated without even understanding it.

Although these are the main four types of leadership, the truth is an effective leader should be comfortable adapting. Great leaders have the ability to shift from one type to another based on the needs every situation has. Now that you have a clear understanding of these types you probably have a better understanding of yourself too. Just remember that It is not easy being a leader and leadership comes with a price. So it is about time you ask yourself if you have what it takes.