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The Power of Corporate Integrity

The Power of Corporate Integrity

Corporate Integrity
is a term often used to describe attitudes and qualities such as Sincerity, Honesty, Reliability, Faith, Probity, and Uprightness. At an organizational level, Integrity refers to the culture, policies, and leadership philosophy.
A culture of Integrity starts from the top and is overt in the administration and activities of the executives.

It represents the Ultimate Principle of Professionalism, and it is the Cornerstone of every healthy business environment.

Right professionals demonstrate a combination of the qualities as mentioned above and gain others’ respect for the fundamental value of Corporate Integrity. Without responsible behavior, distrust can make a work environment tense and uncomfortable.
A strong work ethic reveals co-workers and clients that you’re reliable and take your responsibilities seriously.
Polite communication, proper behavior and financial responsibility also help you stand out as a trustworthy employee/manager.

Integrity may be the most significant element of corporate success today.  It represents the Top Company Value, and indeed, cultivating Integrity in the microenvironment of an office pays back, since:

It Drives business performance

A good company reputation makes fundamental business activities more comfortable, including soliciting investment capital, nurturing customer loyalty, recruiting & retaining good employees, and capitalizing on strategic alliances.  One negative player, even in the most distant corner of the globe, can irreparably damage the reputation of a multinational corporation.

A culture of integrity functions as a powerful risk-management tool.

It Develops Productivity And Goodwill Behavior

A survey by CEB indicated that high-integrity companies have 12% greater employee “discretionary” productivity.  Moreover, the benefits of Integrity go beyond productivity. Organizations with higher integrity rates have significantly fewer observed instances of misconduct, and higher reporting rates, where wrongdoing is observed.  Low reporting rates are linked to fear—and to lack of confidence that a report will induce positive change. Corporate Integrity strengthens personal effectiveness, loyalty, and ethical behavior.  It encourages teamwork, corporate pride and consensus. It supports a work-life balance as it reduces job stress, balances one’s perspective, and contributes to job satisfaction.

In companies with high integrity score, employees are reporting every detrimental act they notice, while in companies with low integrity score, they remain silent when harmful acts take place, due to fear for their jobs.

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It is the most valid and most efficient form of Public Relations

 A Google search is one of the first things people do when they are looking into a company. How does your company score in Google search? Research has sawn, that employees that esteem their heads are over three times as likely to talk about their companies on social media and are twice as likely to express pride in them.

The marketing and PR Departments of a highly appreciated company can develop powerful testimonials and company case studies.

It influences positively Financial Performance

Integrity is like a disinfectant for business. It increases customer loyalty, repeat business, employee recognition, top -and bottom-line performance and shareholder value.

Corporate Integrity will create a highly-valued work environment, will operate focusing on long-term goals and will excel in terms of financial performance. Conversely, a lack of corporate Integrity costs companies money.

Corporations with a culture of Integrity tend to be leaders in their industries; they tend to exceed other competitors and turn in reliable long-term financial performance.  They are good firms to work for, to work with, and to own.

Applying the highest ethical standards to every aspect of one’s business is much more than a single value for a company.  Corporate Integrity is and should always be a Priority.

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