20 - The power of gratitude in business

The power of gratitude in business

Nowadays, a lot of businesses are looking for marketing strategies and ways to acquire new clients. Instead of searching and wasting all your energy on this task, maybe you should think of yourself from the client’s point of view and how you would like to be treated. You would find out that the simplest and most effective strategy is gratitude. Gratitude is showing someone your appreciation towards their face. It can be practiced in any moment during the day and in many different ways. 

Gratitude is a win-win tactic for both the receiver and the giver. However, it is not that simple. The expression of gratitude has to be sincere and authentic, to bring the desired results. If you are faking and doing it just because it seems like a good marketing idea, people will know and you may even have the exact opposite results. Below you will find ways that will help you practice gratitude.

Keep it simple

As mentioned above, gratitude is not something that you practice solely to take advantage of its benefits and get one more chore off your to-do list done. You need to think of it as a reminder to express the feeling of gratitude, while at the same time you have a purpose for doing it so. The people that you surround yourself with are probably people that you respect and care for. Just a simple gesture, such as a heartfelt “Thank you” could be enough in most cases. Try and find opportunities to thank. A genuine and honest thanks are something that most people will not forget. 

Try old school style

Communications are mainly digital these days. The pandemic helped a lot to speed the process of digitalization. The problem that arises from this situation is that building real human relationships and connections is much more difficult. And this does not just apply to personal relationships, but also to business ones. So, if you want to differentiate yourself from others and hit the old-school style, try writing handwritten thank you notes. It is a powerful and tangible way to honestly express your gratitude. Youngsters nowadays may think that this is old-fashioned and people will not appreciate it enough, but it shows much more than a text or an email.

21 - The power of gratitude in business

Spread the vibe

Since you practice gratitude, chances are that other people practice it too. This means that you also receive positive comments, feedback, and communication in general. Do not keep it to yourself and share this information with your team and colleagues. What you will find out after doing so, is that your people will be more motivated and inspired and this will, ultimately, lead to higher productivity levels. Also, you could share with your team the stories of gratitude that you, as a company, have expressed to others. This way you will cultivate the gratitude culture and people within your team may start practicing it as well. 

The best part of gratitude expression is that, besides creating or strengthening business relationships, it will make you be a better person and you will pay more appreciation to the small joys of life.