1 2 - Ways to turn difficult customers into satisfied ones

Ways to turn difficult customers into satisfied ones

Customer service is very important nowadays if you want to succeed in repetitive purchases. But, there are many times that you have to deal with an unsatisfied or unhappy client. If you don’t deal with them the right way, you may lose them forever and moreover, they may spread the word to their close people as well.

The most basic component here is your customer service team. People that are placed in this position and thus represent your firm, have to be the right ones. This means that they must have received proper training on how to deal with this kind of situation, be polite and most importantly they have to be good listeners.

Not all complaining customers belong to the same category. There are subcategories, such as the furious customer, the unsatisfied customer, the unable to decide, etc. But every client that belongs in these categories, will be pleased once you follow the tips that are mentioned below.

Listen to them

Clients need to be heard, that’s their main expectation when they start complaining about something. Don’t interrupt them, listen to them carefully, and concentrate as much information as possible to provide a valid solution afterward.

Keep your voice pitch low

Even if the customer is screaming and is out of control, you have to remain calm. Most of the time, this will make the other person lower their voice pitch and become rational. Also, if you get frustrated with all the yelling, you won’t be able to resolve the problem and satisfy the customer.

2 2 - Ways to turn difficult customers into satisfied ones

Giving in is an option

Some customers and more difficult to deal with than others and even you really want to help them and reach a common decision this is not always possible. So, the best option here is to companies, take a step back and do as they please. In this way, you will save time from a never-ending situation that would only cause you a bad headache. Never forget that this kind of customer represents only a small percentage and use your time to deal with customers that will be more productive.

Remain peaceful

If you are facing a yelling customer that also uses inappropriate language, try to remain calm and not lose your temper. Don’t pay attention to these words and continue to listen to what they have to say. As mentioned above, keep a low voice pitch to reassure them that you are there for them and that you want to help them find a solution.

The problem is not you

Even if you are that the customer yells at, the problem doesn’t have to do with you. You haven’t caused any damage to the client, but as a company representative, you are there to carry the burden for the whole firm. Whatever you say, speak on behalf of the company and provide ways based on the firm’s policy, to resolve the matter.

Everyone has bad days

Sometimes the problem may not be that important, but clients transfer to you the frustration they have from other matters. Always remember that they are people and they just need a nice word and empathy to hold on for the rest of the day.

In the end, make a revision

As your discussion is coming to an end, take some time to briefly inform the client about what’s next and stay true to what you told them. A customer will be more disappointed if they see that you promised them something and didn’t do it. Also, take some notes after your interaction, as a template on how to deal with a similar situation.

Always remember that customer service is a difficult task and if you manage to handle it correctly your clients will worship you.