2 - Winning Trust Wins 2021

Winning Trust Wins 2021

Winning Trust Wins 2021

Either you are an entrepreneur, a business owner or an individual this new year hides many opportunities for all of us. Opportunities some times come with hard work, other times come with luck but most of the times come with both. The problem with waiting for an opportunity to come your way depending exclusively on luck is that it might never come. On the other hand the more you work for something the more you create the conditions for it to come your way. The go-getters will understand what this truly means while the procrastinators will simply look the other way like its not true. Either way facts are facts and nothing works unless you do.

It’s the beginning of the new year and it is in your hands to make it the beginning of a new era for your life. This means that this is the time to work a little bit harder in order to achieve the things you want in life. Therefore by now you should have already made up a plan of the goals you are willing to achieve in 2021. If you haven’t started yet its alright because there is still plenty of time to do so, but don’t procrastinate any longer. Setting your goals automatically gives you purpose and helps you adopt a mindset of working towards completing it. It gives you a clear image of what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. Once you understand that, the only thing left is to put it into motion.

The year we left behind is in the past but it left us many scars. We can either treat these scars as a problem or as a lesson. At paperpicks we treat problems as blessings and we strongly believe that they are valuable lifelong lessons rather than issues. It takes a long time to comprehend that, and it takes even more to take advantage of it, but eventually you get convinced by the outcome. Therefore we have focused on a problem that occurred in the past year that we aim to turn it into a lesson. That problem has to do with trust.

In 2020 humanity lost all trust in everything we knew until today. The pandemic challenged our way of thinking, our way of operating, and our way of engaging with each other. If we are looking to thrive in the future we have to learn from our past mistakes. Therefore the way to win back what has been lost is by winning trust. Trust is a hidden element that affects various aspects of our lives and that is why we should focus on it more.

Trust in Yourself

Trusting yourself is one of the most important lessons you can learn in your life. Usually we learn this lesson the hard way, but what matters in the end is that we do. The past year made us all doubt ourselves and our abilities and that had a massive impact on us. Either we understand it or not we are all affected by this and we all had times of questioning our strengths. Therefore the first thing we should focus on is regaining the trust we lost in ourselves. Start small and set small, achievable goals and once you achieve them raise the level of difficulty. The more goals you achieve the more confident you‘ll become and trust in yourself will be soon regained. Just remember, one step at a time.

Trust in Others

The second most important lesson in life is to learn how to trust others. At the moment people have lost trust in people and either you believe or not you have also lost trust in others. Winning back the ability of trusting others and most importantly being trusted by others will play a massive role in your future success. The way to regain trust in others is to make carefully selected choices in order to mitigate risks, and some times just let go. The way to regain trust from others is by being honest and delivering what you have promised. Trust others, make others trust you, and always deliver more than expected. 

1 - Winning Trust Wins 2021

Trust in Data

Data and science play a massive role in our lives since the beginning of time and we still seem as humans to not accept that. There are many things in life that we can explain based on data but for some reason we don’t. Maybe we don’t want some things to be explained, and maybe we don’t like everything having an absolute value. Either way we must learn to evaluate and trust data. In the following years data generation and data manipulation will shape society as we know it. Therefore if we are looking to look ahead and plan ahead we must learn to trust it.

Trust in Life

We previously talked about the luck factor and its importance, and this is the part where life comes in. Somethings in life cannot be explained and others just happen so there are a few things we can’t fully control. Our advice to you is to trust what comes your way but most importantly never forget to trust your gut. If it feels right it is most likely to be right and the same thing applies if it feels wrong.

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